Hello everyone,


Please find the list of accepted workshop proposals for 2017.

Proposals Selected:

If your workshop is on this list please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know that you are coming.  


Proposals Not Selected:

We were able to select all proposals this year, so everyone that submitted one should be on the list.


2017 Workshops

Bird Language-Alexander Britzius /Heather Hutchinson
Blacksmithing- Chris Dobbe
Make your Own Snowshoes- Steve Gorg
Plant Medicine: Herbal Tinctures Nicole Bickham
Heartfelt Communication -Nicole Bickham
Basic Mushroom Identification Skills- Sharon Hahn
Old-Fashioned Lye Soap (Cold Process)- Sharon Hahn
Building and Using Alcohol Stoves -Rick Kemmer
Pipestone Carving-Rona Johnston/ Bud Johnston
Dyeing Wool with Local Plant Materials -Dawn Andersson
Tradtional Herbalism Series- Monarda Thrasher
Finger Weaving- Heather Goodall
Song Circle- Sarah Moore
Basic Partner Yoga and a little Acro Yoga- Sarah Moore
Ax craft -Zac Fittipaldi
Tiny basswood basket earings- Zac Fittipaldi
Basic Cordage- Zac Fittipaldi
Earth Mentoring- David p Nelson
Broom Making- Marybeth Garmoe
Plant Walks with Kids -Beth White
Flintknapping- Tom Lind
Primitive Longbow making- Perry Anderson
Folded Bark Baskets- Elli King
Primitive Arrow Making -Gerrid Greenwood
Bow Building- Mark Lambert/Spence Pierce
Sock Knitting and More -Harriet Bridger Grauer
Deadfall Traps- Alex Breslav
Awesome Awareness Games for Kids -Alex Breslav
Intro to Crochet- Ray Sems
Hide Tanning- Scogin Zimmermann Mayo
The Six Knots of Power (and the lesser half-hitch)- Scogin Zimmermann Mayo
Understanding the 5 Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine- Erica Rosenfeld
Peyote Bead Work -Erica Rosenfeld
8 silk brocades Qi gong -Erica Rosenfeld
Primal Vision- Tony Kemnitz/Daniel Kemnitz
Canoe Paddle Carving- Kerry Lambertson
Pit Fired Pottery- Samantha Martinez
Splinting/BLS/tourniquets- Alexandra Demitrack
Double-Woven Birch Bark Knife Sheath -Erik Vokaty
Shaker Boxes- Jason Holtz
Cardweaving- Isi Grauer
The Art of Primitive Pack Frames -Ash Petersen
Making elderberry wild cherry cough syrup- Yulia Welk
Making Slavic Lihomanka Fabric Dolls- Yulia Welk
Introduction into Slavic Horoscope -Yulia Welk
Sedge/grass mats- Daniel Spuhler
Tinkering and Carving for Kids of All Ages- Aidan Bucki/ Jonathan Bucki
Beadwork - Traditional Patterns- Beth Wrege
Porcupine Quill Earrings- Beth Wrege
Porcupine Quills on Birch bark -Beth Wrege
Knitting- Lauren McElroy
Sock Knitting Intermediate to advanced- Lauren McElroy
Knitting and Designing Cables and or Lace -Lauren McElroy
Weaving with Cattail Leaves- Tina Fung Holder